Local Family Helps Syrian Family

Hi Radio 94.1 peeps,

By way of introduction, my name is Joanna Munday and I am a local Carlsbad woman who loves good music and am a loyal listener. I have three kids and run a business. I am originally from London. I absolutely adore music and pump our your station whenever I can.

 More importantly, I am sponsoring with a friend,  a Syrian family who came here as part of Obama's efforts to help the refugees. There are many families like ours in need of help living in our lovely town of San Diego.

Our family has 5 children, one of their little girls died in the conflict. They have been here for 4 months and are very sweet. I have reached out to my local community to provide them with some donated items. Mostly they need friendship so when I have time, I go with my family or friends and we have tea and try to chat through Google translator which as you can imagine, is pure comedy.

The father was a professional man who made orthopedic shoe inserts and prosthetics. He can not work or provide for his family because he doesn't have a car. He has a license and is a wonderful father. We are trying to help him find a job in a hotel or some similar job whereby his lack of English isn't a barrier. They are learning quickly and are in school so every time I visit, their English is improved. We have started a gofundme page and are raising money for a second hand car. I was hoping that with your wider reach, you might perhaps find it in your hearts to tell their story and engage your audience to donate. I wouldn't normally ask, us Brits don't like to ask people for money but they are a family in dire need of help. I would be happy to provide any further information and even come and chat to you guys about them. Whatever works, but thank you so much in advance. You guys have the power to help in ways that I am limited in.


Kind Regards,

Joanna Munday

Co Founder 


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