Drag Elsa Didn't Let The Snow Bother HIM, Saves The Day

posted by Shelly Brown -

I love this.... Meet Jason Triplett, an attorney is Boston who got cabin fever during the blizzard that hit the east coast this week. 

First of all...I would just to say that regardless of the obvious similarities, this is NOT me. #bostonsnowstorm #winterstormskylar #elsa #frozen #sorrynotfrozen

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Not only was he killing it in his Elsa get up, but he also saved the day for he Boston PD!

Yup, that just happened. Drag ‘Elsa’ just single-handedly pushed out a stuck police wagon. Only in the South End and The Gallows. Boston Police Department (Official), Disney, #bottomfriendlyfoods, #gallowsgroup, Blackbird Doughnuts, Banyan Bar + Refuge

Posted by Christopher B. Haynes on Tuesday, March 13, 2018

I have a few friends that do drag and can 100% see them doing this. 



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