17 of the Biggest Pop Culture Relationships

Sometimes in television and movies, love is right in front of us and guaranteed to happen in due time. Perfect example: Hermione and Ron in Harry Potter. Other times, we might never actually see a relationship develop on screen, but that doesn't mean the connection and love aren't there! In fact, there are so many people who will always be rooting for Harry and Hermione, or Harry and Draco, for that matter.

In fact, "shipping" best friends and total love interests is at least half of the reason we watch and rewatch our favorite flicks and television shows. Some pairs are more obvious, whereas others might not have even crossed your mind until now, but once you see the signs, it makes a lot of sense.

Check out some of the top ships among different fandoms, some that happened later on and some that sadly never will. These are by no means all the big ships out there - it's a deep, deep rabbit hole - but these pairs have some of the most dedicated fans out there!


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