Jesse Lozano in The Morning - Daily Blog 09/13

Ashlee Simpson Ross

Clash of The Chromosomes Winners

Today we played with celebrity couple Ashlee Simpson Ross & Evan Ross from E! Network's Ashlee & Evan.  Evan won, but the ladies are still up 12/9

Current score: Ladies 12 / Guys 9

Download your own Clash of The Chromosomes winner certificates here!

Good News

A couple threw a wedding and the two groom dressed as Woody & Buzz Light Year from Toy Story

Read the story here!

What The Florida

For some reason, I think this may have happened to me before. Hmmm, well that's why we do WTF right?

Let me take you to Niceville, Florida where firefighters were alerted to a house fire. When they arrived....a naked man who said, "I'm sorry" and then shut the door.

Through heavy smoke,the officials could see several items inside the home on fire.

The dude didn't know there was a probolem, so they arrested him for his own good.

The man told police that he had drunk two liters of vodka, smoked some marijuana and was baking cookies on a George Foreman Grill.

Firefighters say the Foreman grill caught on fire and the man tried to use dry towels to put it out

The man was examined at the scene and refused further treatment. Yum, vodka and cookies.

(Lakeland Ledger)