Thursday, November 1 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes Season 21!

7:10 – Miles Dooley and Jill Clarke jump on the lines to help out. This one goes to the tie breaker round after Jesse and D both go 1 for 2 in the questions portion. Jesse grabs the win, and the tickets for the USS Midway. The question was “What year was San Diego skateboarder Tony Hawk born? Jesse, being a born and raised San Diego boy got the answer right on the nose, guessing 1968. Guys take the score to 14-17!

8:10 – Nicole and Steve are on stand by this round for assistance if need be. Ladies take this round 3 to 2 which makes it a heartbreaking defeat for Jesse. He tried so hard to stay in the game, even getting the musical question right with no multiple choice to do so! Heartbreaking loss for the guys, taking the score to 18-14 ladies in the lead!

Good News  

Here's one last dose of Halloween good news for ya! 13 year old Rachel Maretzki made 125 little superhero capes for premie babies in the ICU. She says that they are all heroes to her because they are fighting for life. 

We are bringing back Little Tommy’s “Breaking and Entering” Christmas and you can nominate a deserving family HERE >>

9-Year old Libby Stanton has been collecting people’s leftover Halloween candy and sending it to deployed troops for the past few years.  This year she's trying to collect over 1,000 pounds of candy!

What The Florida (WTF)

Mayor Dave Stewart of Lantana Florida is in hot water after being exposed for trying to coerce a member of the community for sex in exchange for his vote on adding speed bumps to their community. After the city council approved the speed bumps, he then tried coercing her again saying he would have them removed if she didn’t comply with his wishes. So now there is an ongoing investigation into the matter.


Lastly, Delana shared that she has a friend who has to perform "DH Patrol".  Wondering what this is?  It's when you have a son and a daughter who are both teenagers, and in relationships.... you've gotta make sure there's no dry humping going on!

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