Monday, November 12 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes Season 22!

7:10 Jesse and Delana get Marco Gomez and Michelle Romagnolli on the line to go head to head. The guys suffer a heartbreaking loss with no points on the board, getting shut out by the ladies 2 points to zero!

8:10 we forgo our game of Clash for a different kind of battle. Master Chef Junior Evan Estrada takes on Master Chef Graham Elliott to see who knows their way around their cooking terminology, more so the spelling of them. They are playing for Monica and April to see who will get to see Graham and Evan at the San Diego Bay Wine and Food Festival! Graham squeaks by and wins the round, 2 points to 1.

Good News

  • Bruno Mars giving back to his home state of Hawaii. He is working to donate 24,000 meals to the families in need with the Salvation Army. 24 K magic, 24k meals served!  
  • Amazing good news born from the disasters of the California Fires. Jake Olson and his family had to evacuate from Paradise California. When they returned they had found her wedding ring in tact, surviving the fire along with a few other of their personal belongings.
  • One of our favorite listeners, and Jesse’s ringer for Clash, Kevin Williamson was in studio today! He shared a very interesting story about how he came to listen to the show 4 years ago when he and his family moved to San Diego. Delana takes the prize for “knowing literally everyone in San Diego”. Even when she doesn’t know that she knows them!

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