Millennial Monopoly Is A Thing And Millennials are Not Having It!


Here's a list of a few of the millennial-centric things you'll find in the board game.

On the Box

"Forget Real estate you can't afford it any way!"

"Adulting is hard you deserve a break from the rat race"

Game pieces include, a bike, a hashtag, sunglasses, camera,

Community chest cards 

"you get a fourth job,  #hustle, #sidegig, #nodaysoff- collect 45

Your mom learned how to text advance to go

Your gas light came on, so you have tem miles in the tank, advance to go collect 20

You lifestyle blog reaches a million views, collect40

You literally can'te ven pay your student loan bill Go to Jail.

Your free web streaming expires, pay 40

You use 46 emojis in one text, pay each player 5

You sell your grandmothers vintage coat online, collect 65

You become a meme, not a good one pay the bank 20

You were looking for jobs but ended up streaming videos for hours

Chance cards

 Your side hustle of selling vegan candles is starting to pay off... roll both dice, 2-4 it's still a side gig, 5-9 people love them collect and experience chip, 10-12 you've been featured in a vegan magazine collect 2 experience chips

You learned how to build tree house, roll the chance dice...possibilities ranges from a bit wobbly but will hold, to you rent it out.

Choose any player to try out a new restaurant with you

properties/destinations include

 coffee shop, Vegan Bistro, Farmers Market, Thrift Store, Friends couch, Parents basement, three day music festival, well long meditation retreat, live-worl loft, maker space, national park,


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