10 Signs That You Have Hit the Husband Jackpot

Husband Lottery

If your guy does these things, then consider yourself lucky and make sure he knows he is appreciated. A lot of people would say you hit the marriage jackpot!

He Says He Loves You

It seems obvious, but some guys just don't say it often enough or at all - even if they really do love you.

He Loves His Mother

The way he treats his mom is an indicator of how he will treat his wife or partner. Respecting his mom and other female figures is a sign that he was raised to be a good spouse.

He Flirts With You

After dating and living together, the infatuation that brought you together wanes and it's easy to get comfortable. A good spouse will keep the spark in your relationship and occasionally flirt like you've just met.

He Puts You First

He prioritizes his job and outside commitments so that he always considers your needs and makes them a priority.

He Makes Boring Things Fun

Day to day life can get mundane. Laughing, joking and having fun while you're doing necessary tasks makes spending time together more meaningful.

He Wants You To Achieve Your Dreams

When someone really loves you they want your happiness - even if it means making sacrifices for someone else.

He Lifts You Up

You can't control the world around you, but your guy can brighten your day and make you feel good about the stuff you can control.

He Works Hard

Not just at his job but at helping you care for your home and family.

He Surprises You

He goes out of his way to give your favorites meals, experiences, and even things as simple as watching what you want on TV instead of what he wants to see.

He Compliments You

He boosts your ego and makes you feel good about yourself in big and small ways. He lets you know how much he values you and your relationship.

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