Stay-at-Home Chaos and Trolls

Dear Diary,

I found this gem while cleaning out all the crap underneath my bathroom sink. This picture is from Chuck E Cheese back in 2007. That's really close to the time I got out of rehab. I didn't have 50 percent custody of the kids yet, so on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons after school, we'd do fun stuff.

I almost posted a pic of the clean-out progress, but my bathroom has an old, kind-of rundown look. It's vintage...late 70's, early 80's. haha. Screw it, we're friends. Here's the progress and all the old products we chucked. I had children's Tylenol that was expired in 2015! Yikes. Hopefully, there are no embarrassing things in this picture. Oh well,

I know we are all home bound for the most part. I know a lot of you are struggling with work and having the kids 24/7. I have just one kid at home right now and she's bouncing off the walls. She did make a pretty amazing list on her white board in her room (that she completely cleaned from top to bottom.) I think we should all adhere to something like this.

She's been singing a lot, too. She has a make-shift studio that she's been performing in front of. I wish you could hear all of her songs. I think she just started a YouTube Channel. It's pretty cute.

I've decided to start my own journal because someday my grandchildren are going to want to know what I did during the Corona Virus of 2020. I'll have my "shelter in place" journal from 2020 in an old trunk full of old stuff.

I've been on social media a lot over the last week, as I am sure you have. I found some cool quotes and sayings. Here are a few:

And, this one I found on Jesse and Tati's Instagram page. It just about broke me down. But, it's positive at the same time.

And this is from our LauraCainAfterDark Facebook page. Thank you so much, Manny!

Comments like this make my whole day. People are so kind. However, I did get trolled a few times this last week. Look, everyone has a right to their opinion. I get that. But, do you really need to tear someone down in the process. Some woman commented under one of our podcast posts "Laura, the years haven't been good to you." Well, Erik and Linda, the protectors that they are, came to my defense in the biggest way. And, ya know what, that woman won in a way because I have been looking at my crows feet and the little lines under my eyes thinking "Dang, I do look old." I am sitting in front of the mirror beating myself up. All the nice comments, all the positiveness I have received lately, just kind of went out the door, which is so dumb.

Plus, this is not the time to be vain, although I did beg Linda to do my hair last week. Don't worry, we followed all the guidelines, we wore masks, etc, except when it was time to wash my hair out. This is how it goes down when she does it in my house. I lay down on top of my stove. Antonio thought it would be funny to turn on the burners while I was stuck there. I jumped up and ran him out of the kitchen with my hair all soaped-up. He's a brat. A cute brat.

Welcome to my tiny kitchen. I have no counter space at all. That's why I don't cook. Well, one of the reasons why. I wish I had that cooking bug. I wish I had the exercise bug, but that hasn't kicked in yet.

Evan and I were losing it on Saturday night. We were watching the movie "Ma" on HBO. Good movie, by the way. So creepy. I said something really bland and we both started cracking up so hard we could barely breathe! Over nothing! Omg, gotta figure out how to keep my sanity. I also have to put some effort into finding an online meeting. I don't want to go too long without my meetings.

Antonio has been spending time with us, making us breakfast and fixing up stuff around the house, which is so awesome. He put up ten more Loteria tiles. This is what the project looks like now.

I need 14 more to complete the set. I get them in downtown Tijuana, so that won't be happening for awhile.

I'm working from home this week which is so bizarre, as I'm sure you've experienced to some extent. I sit at my kitchen table with a blanket over a room divider to muffle the sound. That's how I'm doing traffic. That's how we are all doing traffic! At least I'm not on camera.

I pray for all of you and your families. If there is anything you need, physically or mentally, I'll do what I can. I think we just need to be each other's best friends right now. My email is Take care and stay safe and sane. We are still planning on doing the Tuesday and Thursday LCAD podcasts. I've attached the link to out previous podcasts, so you can binge while you clean out your garage or something. And because I love him, here is Erik's favorite new song right now.

See you later, Diary.

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