Let's Drink Tonight During 2020 Presidential Debate Or NOT

Jesse brought up how excited he is about tonight's debate between Presidential nomine, Joe Biden and President Trump. Tati may not have shared in his excitement but she definitely feels FOMO if their STAR "stream-mates" play along with this drinking game! Don't want to drink? Here is YOUR LAME GAME.

Here are the rules:

(Game found on Washingtonian.com)

First off, shotgun a beer before the debate starts, you'll likely need it! The loser then will lip sync to Christina Aguilera’s infamous rendition of the Star Spangled Banner to kick off the festivities. God bless America.

Take a sip when Trump:

  • Says “yuge”
  • Says “Jina” (China)
  • Talks about his admiration for any totalitarian world leader
  • Makes any false claims related to coronavirus and our pandemic response
  • Complains about mysterious voter fraud
  • Accuses Biden of wanting to defund the police

Take a sip when Biden:

  • Uses a malapropism
  • Says “folks”
  • References the middle class
  • Starts a sentence with “look”
  • Tells a story about some “average Joe” worker he met on the campaign trail that could easily be fabricated
  • Claims he’s going to end systemic racism and fails to explain how

Take a sip when either:

  • Says “the United States of America”
  • Says something inappropriate
  • Loses their place mid-sentence and completely changes direction
  • Lobs a direct insult at the other

Chug when:

  • Biden uses Obama’s record as evidence of his own capabilities as a leader.
  • You can no longer follow what Trump is arguing.

Take a shot/finish your drink if:

  • Biden’s eye starts bleeding. It happened once, it can happen again.
  • Trump describes his financial records and history with the IRS as “perfect”

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