Can You Believe He Was 15 Years Old And In Prison For 68 Years?

What a story! Remember what you were doing at 15 and the trouble you got into? Or maybe you were fortunate to have had better circumstances than Mr. Ligon. Check out the full story below.

Joe Ligon is the nation's oldest and longest serving juvenile offender. He was convicted on 2 counts of first degree murder in 1953 and sentenced to life without parole for his role in a robbery assault-even though Ligon insisted he never killed anyone himself.

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that automatic life terms for kids are cruel and unusual, he was one of more than 500 Pennsylvania prisoners all resentenced to terms contingent on lifetime parole.

It was easy to get him out though. He didn't like the idea of parole saying it wasn't true freedom to have to report to a parole officer and not being able to travel.

Resentenced to 35 years to life in 2017, rejected the very idea of parole after nearly seven decades in prison.

"I like to be free," he said. "With parole, you got to see the parole people every so often. You can't leave the city without permission from parole. That's part of freedom for me." FULL STORY and photo of Joe today.

I'm looking at all the tall buildings, this is all new to me. This never existed

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