San Diego Fair Does Have The Australian Battered Potatoes!

The San Diego Fair IS HAPPENING THIS YEAR and will have Australian Battered Potatoes! It is Jesse's food request.

Friday June 11this the big day! Tickets are $10 and must be purchased online, as well as parking which is $12.

But will it look like previous years? As close as safely possible.

It is worth noting that" Guests will select the preferred arrival date and time of their visit. Once inside the Fairgrounds, the length of stay is at the guests’ leisure.

At the event, contactless payment is recommended for all on-site transactions, as cash may not be accepted at many booth locations."

Let's get back to the FOOD!!! The list of vendors is sure to satisfy every one.

Tati may not seem like the corn lover, but she is all about and Producer Shelly is here for ALL the corn, DOGS!

What will you be eating when the fair opens June 11, 2021?

Here is a list of all food booths>>> SD Fair Food

If you are curious about the rides, that looks different this year. There will be the ferris wheel and carousel. Other activities will be shopping, educational activities, pony rides, "Agri-land", and more.

All the information you need is at

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