Cash Here Cash There, Cash From Uncle Sam!

There are many opportunities to get cash in the news and these three were talked about on this morning's show with Jesse And Tati. First way to get CASH...TUNE IN! Starting at 4 am and through the day until 6 pm, weekdays, there are many chances to win $1000 at the beginning of designated hours. We give you a keyword and you text to 200200. For contest RULES, go here!

Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Next up, is the $4 million dollars the IRS is giving to those who overpaid on their 2020 unemployment benefits.

If you received unemployment compensation last year, you might be in for a surprise this week.

According to the IRS, refunds by direct deposit will begin on July 14 and paper check refunds will begin on July 16.

Last but definitely not least, relief for parents with the child tax credit many are hoping to get, Jesse and Tati included! Here is what the IRS says about those who qualify and when to expect that payment.

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