Would You Get A Tattoo For Free Food For Life?

In 1998, two men decided they were willing to get inked for free food for life at a San Francisco Mexican Restaurant, and one of them says that it really wasn't about the free food.

When I moved to San Diego from Hawaii in 2006, I was the "new girl" and the first thing I was introduced to was the taco shops. It was my introduction to a new city rich with Latino culture being so close to the border.(Tati)

This story starts in a similar way with Greig Tietz, new to the bay area and looking to acclimate found out about the Mexican restaurant promotion. He was 35 at the time and thought, sure! Free Mexican food for life sounds AMAZING! There were about 50 others who also got inked for this deal at Casa Sanchez.

Over the years, Tietz became friends with many of the people who shared the "Jimmy the Cornman" tattoo and also the owners of the restaurant. He says he never took advantage of the deal by not going in too frewuently, and always tipping. Instead the community of people is why he loved his tattoo and neighborhood. Tietz still lives in San Francisco and works for SFGATE.

Sadly, the restaurant sold in 2012, but the owner made sure the tatted up group of people still got free pupusas from the new restaurant that took over.

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Casa Sanchez Tattoo

Photo: Joshua Bote/SFGATE

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