Only 1 In 5 Californians Passed This State History Quiz

Photo: Getty Images tested thousands of Americans with a national quiz and its results revealed that history isn't California's strong suit.

The website quizzed 3,844 respondents and uncovered which residents knew the most about the states they live in.

According to, Rhode Islanders, Oklahomans, Mississippians, and Hawaiians have their state histories locked down with a 77% pass rate. Texans were right behind them with a 76% pass rate.

However, California only had a 21% pass rate when it came to history about their home state.

"Across the country, it’s evident that many have been affected by ‘pandemic brain,'" said Neal Taparia of "Participating regularly in mind-stimulating games and pop quizzes, as well as brainteasers, like word searches and word puzzles can help maintain optimal focus and sharpness during your everyday life."

Here are the Golden State quiz questions. How many questions can you answer accurately? (Scroll down for the answer key.)

1. Where is California’s name derived from?

a) A novel

b) A Spanish explorer

c) A Mexican cactus 

2. Where was California’s original state capital?

a) Santa Barbara

b) Sacramento

c) San Jose

3. California once declared itself an independent country. How long did that last?

a) One day

b) One month

c) One year

4. During the Civil War, Californians marched to which state to fight Confederate rebels?

a) Oregon

b) Texas

c) Arizona

5. California’s Death Valley is North America’s…

a) Highest desert

b) Biggest desert

c) Hottest desert

Answers: 1 = a, 2 = c, 3 = b, 4 = b, 5 = c

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