VIDEO: 3 Black Bears Fight Over Space In Pond In South Lake Tahoe

Photo: Getty Images

A hilarious video of three black bears taking a dip in a pond in Lake Tahoe was captured by a photographer earlier this month, according to ABC7.

The footage of the bears hijacking the pond was captured in South Lake Tahoe. At first, two of the bears seem to be enjoying a relaxing dip but then the third bear comes into the frame.

The third bear has to fight his way in to fit in the small pond. But instead of just making room for their friend, the bears start fighting.

The person who captured the funny video, Toogee Sielsch, jokingly named the three bears Larry, Curly, and Moe after The Three Stooges.

Sielsch is a director of the Sierra Wildlife Coalition and also volunteers for Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care. His focus on black bears in the area provides great photos and videos which he shares on his social media accounts.

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