Missing California Woman's Remains Found In Stranger's Backyard

Close-up of spade shovel being used to dig a hole in soil

Photo: Getty Images

Desiree Thompson attended a party nearly 10 years ago where she met a total stranger who asked her to join him for a drink. According to KTLA, Jose William Lara was forced out of the same party by a few men whom he was arguing with. He returned to the party in his pick-up truck enraged and intoxicated. Upon arrival, he spotted Thompson outside of the party and asked her if she would like to grab a drink at his place.

When they got to Lara's apartment, Thompson opened the refrigerator to get a drink and the stranger slammed her head into the corner. He then proceeded to stab her repeatedly. KTLA mentioned that Lara took Thompsons dead body and buried her in the backyard under a piece of plywood and a tarp.

Thompson's husband, Edward Gibson III was initially suspected of the crime, but authorities were not able to locate him following the disappearance. Lara wrote a letter to his father detailing the murder in 2012, and his father gave it to the California City Police Department where there was no record of its arrival for 10 years. When police finally had enough evidence to provide a search warrant, they found Thompson's remains in the backyard. Lara initially denied murdering Thompson, but was later arrested. He is due in court on Friday.

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