500 Pounds of Illegal Fireworks Seized From A San Diego Home

On Saturday while distributing flyers that warned of fireworks dangers to rural neighborhoods, the Sheriff's Department happened upon a house in Fallbrook with an open garage door where a massive stash of fireworks was in plain sight.

Authorities served a search warrant, and brought in a bomb-arson unit who was joined by bomb technicians from the FBI. The team estimates that it removed 500 pounds of explosive.

In a release, the Sheriff's Department said, "The garage and shed were near other homes in the neighborhood. An accidental detonation of the fireworks could have resulted in injuries, fire and property damage.” 

21-year-old Natanael Garcia, who was arrested at the home, faces charges of possessing more than 100 pounds of fireworks (which is how the alleged crime is classified) and illegally selling fireworks.

Fireworks are permitted in some California counties, but not San Diego. For a complete list of 4th of July fireworks locations, CLICK HERE.

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