"Be My Eyes" App Allows Strangers to Help The Blind

Now a person could use their smartphone to help a blind person see 

Example: helping someone read the expiration date on a milk carton

You simply create a live video connection using the Be My Eyes app, currently only on iPhones, to help a network of users who are blind. It's a small act of kindness, but it helps A LOT. 

DeusExPir8Pete reviewed the app and said:

I've used this as a sighted person helping blind people for about two years. It doesn't ring very often (sometimes not for months as there are many, many more helpers than blind people with the app), and when it does more often than not someone else answers first, but I have to say I have helped some people over the years. 


  1. Helped a banker in London pick out suit, tie, shirt combinations for his work week. Lovely guy, had good fun doing this.

  2. Helped a partially sighted couple sort out there spice cupboard (never realised how similar different spice jars look). We were all in tears of laughter when we realised they had about 10 jars of turmeric. "No thats turmeric again" "Really?"

  3. Helped a guy in hospital read an instruction manual, but as he was in Australia and I am in the UK, the video quality was not good enough to read the text.

  4. Helped a guy pick the right settings on his washing machine for some delicate clothes items. (Why aren't the dials in braille too?)

  5. Helped a guy find the right receipt for an item he wanted to return.