Florida Sheriff Who Failed to Stop Gunman Gets $8,702 a Month

55-year-old Scot Peterson, the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and Florida sheriff who did NOT confront gunman Nikolas Cruz during the February 14 school massacre is currently getting $8,702.35 a month in state pension

That's over $100,000 a year and over three times the maximum social security monthly payment

Outdoor surveillance video showed Scot Peterson, the man who President Donald Trump called a "coward", standing outside while the gunman used an AR-15 assault-style rifle to kill 17 people. 

Peterson resigned and retired after the massacre and shootings started receiving payments in April 2018. 

The payments from his pension were the average of his 5 highest-paid years based on 32 years with the police department.

The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, is currently jailed and faces 17 charges of first-degree murder.

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