Ice Cream Pops from Reese's are here!

You Can Now Get Reese’s Ice Cream PopsGood news peanut butter lovers! Good Humor ice cream bars have released Reese's ice cream pops! The bars were introduced in the UK, and are made with peanut butter ice cream blended with peanut butter sauce and covered in chocolatey Good Humor coating. Sounds good right?! If that's not enough how about two other Reese's products. Reese's 2-in-1 flavored ice cream and a chocolate ice cream filled Reese's peanut butter cup pieces and Reese's pieces candies. They're now available in your grocery store.What do you like to eat with Reese's? Are you a fan of Reese's?  How about a promotion to give the new treats to kids at an event. Maybe even a taste testing. 



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