Monday, October 1st on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Happy Monday Star listeners!  Today on Jesse Lozano in the Morning we held another round of Clash of the Chromosomes and the guys pulled ahead with a 5-2 lead!

Eric Lam faced off against Karissa Froelich and went to the tie-breaker round after both scoring 3 points on the round by answering the sound clip with no multiple choice answers.

Round 2 was a little more easily decided when Naomi and and Josh went head to head, with Josh taking a decisive 3-0 victory.

Jesse & Delana Clash Chromosomes

On today's GOOD NEWS:

We featured a 9-1-1 operator handling a Kid Level "Emergency".  A 10-year old boy in Colorado called 9-1-1 when he couldn't finish his homework - division was causing him problems. The operator sympathized with the young man's plight and helped him out with his trusty calculator!  You can hear the call here.

We also talked about a ceremony that honored Eleanor Otto earlier this year at March Airfield Museum to commemorate her lifetime of service as a riveter.  The longest working woman to do so, she is the last "Rosie the Riveter" and she worked until she was 93 years old!  This year she turned 98.

Jesse & Delana Good News

And in WHAT THE FLORIDA (WTF) we told you about "Grandma No Teeth!"  Penelope Patterson was shocked to find a drunk, naked man accosting her at her own home.  Apparently not her first rodeo as she popped her dentures out and shouted at the man to scare him off!

Jesse & Delana What the Florida

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