Woman Gives Birth to Son in Hospital Hallway

Warning: graphic images

Jes and Travis Hogan, from Manhattan, Kansas, welcomed their new son Max in a hospital corridor 

Jes started experiencing long contractions a few days before and thought they were just normal. Eventually, the contractions were so close, she notified her husband to get her to the hospital ASAP. 

Jes and Travis' photographer, Tammy Karin, arrived at the hospital as they were walking through the hallway. As soon as the photographer got her camera out and powered on, the baby decided to come out... RIGHT THEN AND THERE. 

Tammy went on to snap some of the most incredible photos as Jes began to give birth to her son in the hallway corridor with the help of her husband Travis and a few nurses on hand. 

A short time later, Jes laid on the hospital floor embracing her new son Maxwell-Alexander while thanking her husband and staff for their help. 

"I know that nothing I did was inherently special, moms do this every day. But it’s magical. Each and every birth," Jes said.