Woman Smokes Cigarette on Plane, Blames Man Next to Her

An airline passenger smoked a cigarette, tries to hide the cigarette in the seat back and then blames the guy sitting next to her when confronted by a flight attendant

The smoking passenger turned out to be Dr. Karen Halnon, (now former) Associate Professor of Sociology at one of America’s top-ranked colleges, Penn State Abington, is seen smoking in the cabin of a commercial airline flight flying from Nicaragua to Miami. She claimed she was protesting and expressing an act of 'civil disobedience'. 

She has written academic papers like, “Women’s Agency In Hysteria and Its Treatment,” “Defending the Self In a Total Institution: Staff Prompting and Patient Burlesque,” and the essay “The Power of 420” in The American Drug Scene: An Anthology.

Update: Halnon passed away in January of 2018