The Importance of Childhood Immunizations

Dr. Laurie Tyrrell, a pediatrician for Kaiser Permanente San Diego has an important message about childhood immunizations.

Vaccination is one of the great modern medical success stories. If you’re like most parents today, you’ve never known a child who was paralyzed by polio or one who became deaf because of the mumps.

Many vaccine-preventable diseases are now rare in the US—but that doesn’t mean they’ve disappeared. The viruses and bacteria that cause them still exist, and they can be spread to children and adults who haven’t been immunized.

When you are vaccinated, your immune system makes disease-fighting antibodies that stay in your body and give you immunity. If you are exposed to the actual disease, these antibodies will help protect you.

Like all medicines, vaccines carry a small element of risk. But as a parent, you run a much higher risk by not immunizing your child. Safeguard your child, your family, and your community. Talk to your doctor today about immunizing your child.

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