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60 Seconds to Better Health

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How To Keep Your Health Goals in 2022

Dr. Michael Morena with Kaiser Permanente has an important message about keeping your health goals in the NEW YEAR. The New Year brings you an opportunity to improve your health. Set realistic goals and don’t try to do too much too soon. Even small changes in your health habits can have a great impact. Focus on the five pillars of health.

#1 Diet – consume more healthy fresh foods and less processed foods and sugary drinks

#2 Get active. You can start small; begin with a five minute walk everyday – then gradually increase the time

#3 Hydration is critical – strive to have eight to ten glasses of water per day

#4 Manage your stress – you can’t always control stressful situations – but you can reduce stress by setting aside time to decompress

#5 Avoid tobacco products – if you use tobacco or vape products, begin by decreasing your usage – stopping cold turkey is rarely successful. 

Resolving to improve your health is always a good idea. For more information go to KP.org/SanDiego

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