Pink Gives Herself A Drunk Haircut While Under Quarantine

Pink has offered glimpses at her life under quarantine on her Instagram account and her latest unveil featured a tipsy haircut.

In a new video, which she shared on Instagram on Wednesday (March 25), the pop star, 40, revealed that she has turned to drinking amidst the chaos, referring to it as a sport. "When I drink, I get really, really brilliant ideas," she told viewers. "And last night, I got an idea. I can cut hair! I can totally cut hair! Why have I been paying people all this time? Look what I did. What do you think? A good look?"

After showing fans her newly buzzed-off sides, which could use a bit of work, Pink asked her followers if the cut was reminiscent of looks by Alyssa Milano or Charlize Theron. "I might try to fix it tonight. What do you think?" she continued. "Stay safe. Stay home. Cut your own hair! Screw it."

Earlier in the week, Kelly Ripa warned viewers about cutting their own hair during their quarantine. "People are cutting their own bangs…they’re calling it a pandemic trend. I'm not sure if I like the phrase pandemic trend, but they’re saying since [coronavirus] has taken hold of us, they're cutting their hair out of boredom," the talk show host said during an at-home taping of Live With Kelly and Ryan.

"People don't cut their hair out of boredom, they cut their hair because they’re drunk and they think they know how to cut hair," she continued. "I know from where I speak. I cut my bangs before the Daytime Emmys about 22 years ago and I’ve never gotten over it."

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Photo: Getty Images

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