Good News - Nolan Meyer's Touchdown

 Hi Delana,

Thank you so much for being taking the time to learn a little bit about my son Nolan. Here is a bit more information...My husband and I have four boys, two who play football. My fourteen year old decided that he wanted to play and we were not very enthusiast about it. This might sound strange but we had a good reason for our reservations. Nolan has Autism, as well as generalized anxiety. We actually have two boys with Autism. We weren't sure how he would handle the physical nature of the sport and we were very concerned about the social aspect. One of Nolan's issues is social awkwardness, which is typical with children with Autism. Would he be accepted? My worries were quickly put to rest when I spoke to Nolan's head coach, Mick Lopez. He told me that this isn't just a team, it's family. The boys have been so accepting of Nolan. They teach him, encourage him and inspire him. The Inland Valley Hurricanes SDYFC coaching staff have been outstanding as well. I have so many great examples of how this has been a positive experience for Nolan but I would like to share the best one with you. At our game last Saturday, Nolan's coach approached me and said that he has spoken to the opposing team's coach (Westview Black8) and they were going to allow Nolan to score a touchdown. With cameras and phones ready, we watched as my special needs son ran the football in for his first, and probably only, touchdown!! Both teams congratulated him with high fives and pats on the back. We watch thru tears. It was a true testament to the idea of a football family. Both teams agreed to do this wonderful thing for someone, to give Nolan a once in a life time opportunity.  In a sport where an individual can be tempted put himself before his team, it's refreshing to witness the exact opposite from these coaches and fine young men. I hope it's a lesson they never forget. I know we won't.

Now a days, what we mostly hear about is sad stories about bullying, shootings, death, and other bad things. This story is a bright light in all this darkness. It's something good and positive to show people that there is still good things going on in this world and good kids growing up to be good men. My hope it that someone will be able to give the recognition that these boys deserve, that I can't give them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. My family and I appreciate it very much! If you would be interested in viewing the video, it is posted on Instagram at the ivhurricanes account. 


Kendra and Charles Meyer 

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