I Googled "Jesse Lozano" PART ONE

I googled, Jesse Lozano, and my photo came up from the Bacon Wedding I hosted a few years back! 

Fun story, so I was booked to host the Bacon Fest at the Del Mar fair grounds and one of my duties was to potentially officiate a BACON THEMED WEDDING. Yes, I repeat, a Bacon Themed wedding. Bacon bouquet, Bacon bits flying in the air instead of rice, bacon wedding cake (pictured below), even a bacon tuxedo vest for the groom! The only thing missing from the plans of this amazingly romantic yet greasy occasion was the perfect officiant! Next thing I know I'm taking an online course and POOF, I was ordained and ready to officiate the most delicious smelling wedding ever! It was truly a fun and very romantic experience! The press coverage nationally was incredible too! That is probably why it was so easy to find these photos when I googled myself, Jesse Lozano. Congrats again to Adrienne Dunvan and Eddie Quinones! I hope you are both still living in sizzling matrimony!

Jesse Bacon Wedding Cake

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