Thrifting Thursday Finds With Tati

I love to visit local thrift stores and buy the treasures people discard and most times, I just like to share what I find and don't even have to buy it. Want to see what I found on my last trip?

Most times I go to my local Goodwill just to cruise through for a few minutes. I am usually just checking things out. If I am in an all out thrifting mood, I venture into Poway's where they have Salvation Army and the strip mall on Poway Rd. with 6 thrift stores: St. Bartholomew's Thrift Shop, St. Vincent De Paul, Bargain Hunters (Owner is on A&E's Storage Wars), Humble Heart thrift Store and Boutique, St. Gabriel's Boutique Thrift Store, RBCPC Reasle Shop, etc.

When I am looking for a specific item I can go to ALL the stores in my area. This last trip, I had my husband in tow and I was looking for a tray or basket to hold my little items near my bathroom sink. I rent an older home that has the original tile work and cabinets, so it has a "vintage" feel. I wasn't too sure the exact look, but my bathroom has some pink, some flowers, and gold. I have grown not too mind it too much.

Here is a basket I found that was $2.99

Here are some items I didn't buy but found and wanted to share. Someone decided to finally let go of their Chargers.

Sometimes you can find some wall hanging that has a prayer. This test prayer actually scared me a bit. It seemed so Grim Reaper.

Here is another wall hanging that I appreciated more than the test prayer. Especially since it asked at the end, "WITH WHAT IS YOUR CHILD LIVING WITH?"

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