I Googled Jesse Lozano Part 2

Today I decided to put Jesse Lozano and coronavirus into the google search bar. One of the first photos to come up was this weird one with Raoul Martinez from Fox 5. I can't imagine what was going on here but there are a few things I know for sure. 

   First of all I have been doing that Tuesday morning segment for close to 10 years. It started when I was living in LA and I would do some occasional fill in work for Sam Rubin. I can't believe I'm still doing it. I love the chance to be on TV 10 minutes a week its just about right. I don't like to dress up anymore so its about the only day of the week I do. 

   The other thing I saw in this picture that made me laugh was my grey IHeartRadio polo shirt im wearing. If im wearing that, IT IS LAUNDRY DAY. I love my company but I should try a lil bit harder when im going to be on TV. ANYWAYS, check me out on Fox 5 San Diego every Tuesday morning at 8:20am! Look for my sausage party shirt, I wear it once every 6 mom ha!

   I have no idea why this is one of the photos that come up when I googled Jesse Lozano and coronavirus. Whats the next word I should google with my name?

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