Health Is At The Top Of Priority Lists, As It Should Be

When I said, this was going to be my year, I said it because I wanted to make a change in how I lived and how I valued my health. I started the year with a simple goal, cut out rice, bread, and pasta. I did that for the whole month of January and it was just a small goal and a small start. I saw that it wasn’t too hard to do so I looked to a new goal...getting active. February 1st I started at a local kickboxing club and joined their 6 week challenge. This meant a strict meal plan and taking their kickboxing challenge 3 times a week at the least. The results were obvious in my appearance, but more obvious in my self discipline! I lost 13 lbs, lost almost 5% body fat and gained almost 3% muscle. The challenge ended, right when Coronavirus urgency to stop the spread was announced in California.

At first I thought, how will I continue this even if I wanted to? The answer was simple...JUST DO IT! It’s a really good slogan, shout out to Nike. Sometimes it can be too overwhelming to just do. So my advice is do it in small amounts. Make small goals.

I never knew what I was doing was preparing me for this. I have controlled my eating, for the most part, and I have kept up the work outs. I am posting it on my social not to “show off”, but to let others know that YOU ARE CAPABLE. I have never been a “healthy lifestyle” type of person. I have always been “goal oriented”. I make small goals, and continue to make small goals that I know I can crush. It makes me feel good and accomplished. While in our new norm of social distancing, my small goal is to continue 3-4 work outs a week.

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