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My Poor Boy

Dear Diary,

Elvis got snipped a week ago today. When he came out of the vet's office he was looped up and miserable with this Victorian cone attached to his little head. His ears were all pushed forward and his neck was all smooshed. So, I took some advice from my FB friends and purchased a blow-up donut thingy for his neck. So much more comfortable and he won't lick his privates! He has to wear this thing for another week! It kind of kills me to see him looking not-so-happy and I can tell he's embarrassed when I bring him places. Just one more week, Lil Guy.

On another note, I saw the 43-now-45-year-old last week. It was fun, awkward, sweet, short and not as I expected. I had all these magical thoughts in my mind before I saw him...I can't explain them correctly. Anyway, it wasn't as magical as I had dreamed. He's a gentleman and a great guy, just not my guy, I think. I don't even know if he'll message me again.

I also saw Antonio last night. We had a fire on the patio outside my house (the one under construction for the last THREE MONTHS) The cold water is turned on now, so at least we can use the bathroom now. We just talked a little and hung out, not like that, though. I guess we are both just lonely now. Ya know? He's not a bad person, he just did a bad thing that hurt me. He has apologized and he's bummed out. I will give him a second chance of friendship, that's it. Not great great friends, but not enemies either. I really missed my house last night. Hotel life has been great and all, and Evan never wants to leave here, but I miss being home. Look at the cool patterns my Amazon lanterns make..

I love my patio. I am taking on a tiling project soon. Antonio built a little bar and I am going to try to tile the dang thing. Lots of YouTube watching in my future. Speaking of YouTube, I made a little video of my attempt at a glam makeup look. Here's the before...scary.

Here's after with a little background color.


Here's the complete "how-to" video I made...even though I'm still learning it myself. I'm not very good at this You Tube thing...yet.

Here's a two dollar shirt I bought at Walmart. I don't even know if I like it, but I just had to buy it! Bargains turn me on! haha.

And, finally, I put seat covers on my new Jeep yesterday. Dang things were SO hard to put on. Took me about an hour to finish. Antonio took this attractive photo of me in the process. This is what my neighbors saw....ugh.

See you next week, Diary.

Oh, here's a link to my episodes every Tuesday and Thursday night.

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