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Living Large For Another Month!

Dear Diary,

It's August Second and there is still a toilet in the middle of my living room. The repairs to the lower level of my duplex are still unfinished. So, I write this from the hotel room I've been living in for almost four months. FOUR MONTHS!

This will be the last month living in luxury over here in downtown SD. I sure appreciate where we live these days. Honestly. When I hear people from out of town gasp and gaze out at the view of the bay, the Midway, the Star of India and the Hornblower, I just smile. This is the view that people see when they get out of the elevator.

I feel luckier than ever. Yes, my house is still in somewhat of a shamble, but it's getting there. The kitchen cabinets have been put back in (yes, they used the same cabinets), and the granite countertops have been installed (new granite but it looks exactly the same...ugly..oh well.) The bathroom is all tiled up and ready for the plumbing.

I slept in my own bed last night for the first time since April 20th. I had to jam over to the house to watch 90-Day Fiance, but I quickly fell asleep. Now I have to go back to see it! I don't have TLC or Bravo here at the hotel. That's the one downside about staying here. That's the only downside. I'm going to miss hotel living.

We had our Laura Cain After Dark Podcast Meet and Mingle at Harbor and Sky on Thursday night. It was a beautiful evening, with our wonderful podcast listeners. I love the venue and these people so much.

On Saturday night, I went out to dinner with two new friends, Penny and Jodie. How often can you say "two new friends" at this age? Not that often. So, this made me both happy and nervous. I seem very extroverted, but when it comes to being out there all dressed up, I get a little shy. Apparently, that wore off real quick because we had a "do your sexiest pose" contest within the first hour of arriving at The Manhattan in La Jolla. Here's Jodie's...

Here's Penny's...

And here's mine...

Like a complete dork, I sent it to two guys I'm flirting with on Bumble. I feel stupid for doing that now because they didn't respond! hahahahaha. Here's one of the three of us.

We sat at the piano, where Tad, the piano player, sang all night. It was a blast.

On Sunday night, I went out to dinner with Erik, Adrian and Linda. There, I told them some news that made them shriek! I can't tell you here, you'll have to listen to this Tuesday night's Laura Cain After Dark podcast. It's juicy. You may hate me.

Since I didn't write last week, I wasn't able to tell you that I went to my mom's house for a visit. I made a fun little video of our little trip. Here it is.

I also made a video of my latest Shein Haul, too. I just love that website. The clothes on there are so cheap. Check our their pet stuff, too. I found some really cool things for Elvis (who makes an appearance on the video.)

I bought some used Air Pods for Charlie because he lost his. I decided to check out Offer Up, that's where I found a pair of Generation 2 for $75. I haggled the guy down to $65. Turns out, this wasn't a guy, it was a boy, who I met up with at a skate park in Linda Vista. This 4'8" kid with a bucket hat comes riding up to the car on his scooter. He told me that he got the Air Pods for Christmas but wanted to sell them to buy a dirt bike. So, Charlie will now be using Chad's pods. Charlie thought it was hysterical. I'm feeling pretty cool and thrifty. Char comes to San Diego at the end of the month. I couldn't be more excited!

Tonight, I get to see my long-time friend, Corey. She's in from Germany. Her and her kids are in Mission Beach vacationing for the week. She knew me when I was in middle school thru high school. Oh, the stories she could tell. She's going to be a guest on the podcast this week!!

See you later, Diary. Btw, here's the link to my podcasts. Tomorrow there will be a new episode!

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