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Moving Of Any Kind Sucks

Dear Diary,

This is my hell week. I have to move and I'm already in misery. I moved about 5 bins worth of crap to the house yesterday. In order to put all that stuff away, I had to do a major closet and drawer purge. It's amazing how much stuff I have accumulated in a mere 4 months. My room at home is a disaster, my living room is about one quarter moved in. We got the stuff that was out in the garage back into the house. The movers come on Wednesday to bring the big stuff.

I am getting rid of three big pieces of furniture so that will help. I had this huge desk/hutch deal for many years but it was just too big. I got a small desk that folds up...for FREE on Buy Nothing. It's cute! I also got a new filing cabinet on Offer Up because the one I had was painted, by me, and it was just plain ugly. I'm trying to de-uglify my home. Look at my little desk dealio.

I am now stuck in between two places. I don't think I have any bras at the hotel so I'm going to have to hunch my back as I walk to the car to drive to my house. I have all my makeup and hair stuff here at the hotel and I am currently working from the hotel. It's like that right now. Chaos.

At the same time all this is going on, Antonio is also moving his stuff out. I'm a little melancholy about it. He was a good roommate. I've already moved my jackets into his closet, so I must not be THAT sad. In no time, that thing will be filled, no doubt.

Speaking of Antonio, I made the decision to attend his son's 30th birthday party with him in Mexico. The ex-wife was going to be there and her friends, who chitter and chatter about him behind his back. I went for moral support, Again, I'm not with him nor do I want to be with him. This was a friend type of deal. I still like the guy, what can I say? He's not an evil person. He just did something stupid and disrespectful and hurtful. I forgave him. Boom...the end.

Anyway, at the party there was a mechanical bull. I was wearing a skirt. I wanted to ride that thing so Antonio got a pair of pants out of his car and I promptly slipped them on. Here's the video.

Oh, did you guys hear about THE scene in the Netflix show, SexLife? It's season one, episode 3, 19:50. Evan showed this to me.

My sweet little boy, Elvis, turned one last week. He's just the cutest little guy...stubborn as heck with an attitude, but the best companion ever. He hates it when I put clothes on him. He generally won't move. When he does move, it's to put his head down and pout. I just had to put a birthday hat and bandana on him for pictures. He was not amused.

We sent Charlie back to Oregon last week, too. I miss him already.

Here are a few cool quotes I saw on Instagram this weekend.

Finally, we record the last podcasts from the hotel this week. Not the last podcast, the last podcast recording from the hotel. It's been so fun living here. We are officially out on September 4th so you better believe we are going to make the most of it! Free breakfast til Saturday, baby!

See you next week, Diary.

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