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Meet The Girls!

Dear Diary,

Don't scroll down to see them just yet. I have some stuff to tell you before I get into the whole boob job thing.

So, Evan and officially moved out of The Residence Inn Bayfront Court last Tuesday. It was bittersweet because we had the summer of our lives in that place. A pool, bay front property, full breakfast every morning, views like you can't believe because we were on the 16th Floor. It was a great time and the people there are the best. I kinda felt like I worked there sometimes because I became buddies with some of the employees, including the GM! If you ever want a little getaway, I highly recommend that hotel. It's in the perfect spot. I will have the best of memories from those 4 and a half months. Here's Evan leaving our room for the last time.

That was the last picture we took at Harbor and Sky which is their cool lounge/bar area. Great date night location!

It does feel pretty darn good being back home though. Moving kind of sucked and unpacking boxes was no bueno, but it's done, for the most part. Here's our new and improved living space.

I made a video of the before, during and after. You won't believe the mold pictures. Here it is...

Now, the biggest news of all...I had my breast augmentation surgery on Tuesday afternoon at the magical La Jolla Cosmetic. My wonderful and gentle Doctor, Luke Swistun, did an incredible job in every way. From the initial consultation to my surgery and the follow-up, he's been a champion. The surgery went great. I wasn't nervous that much. I mean, look...

I couldn't be more excited. The aftermath wasn't all that bad. I slept for the first day and a half. I got by on Ibuprofen and aspirin. I probably took it too far too early because by Friday I was bopping around, organizing stuff and putting things away, running errands. I also went out on Saturday night with Jodie, Penny and Linda, who was there to pick me up from surgery and make me all comfortable in my room. She even stocked my fridge and bought me compression socks! I have to wear this front-closure tight bra thing for awhile so I wore a dress that kind of camouflaged the thing. We went to see Tad sing and play the piano at Manhattan in La Jolla. Such a fun night.

Linda sent me this on Sunday. I look absolutely hideous in the first picture, but it's funny.

I guess it just shows you how good I was feeling just four days post-op. Sunday, I felt it, though. I was probably dehydrated from all the Coke I drank, sore and just plain blah. I over did it. Today, not a problem at all. I feel just fine. I can't thank Dr. Swistun and La Jolla Cosmetic enough for this experience. I have wanted boobs my entire life. My sweet mom sewed pads into my one piece bathing suit when I was 16 because I had no boobs and all my friend were developed. I have been self-conscience about that part of my body forever. What I am trying to say is that if you want to fix a part of your body for whatever reason, do it! You deserve it! It'll change your whole outlook on life. Now, I haven't busted out the girls in public just yet. This is the very first picture I have posted of my new additions. They look bigger than they actually are. I am now a perfect full C cup. The implants will drop a bit over the next six weeks. I took this picture this morning at 5am. I'm obviously still wearing the bra/sling contraption. Omg I have boobs. This is amazing.

In other big news, I am so happy and a little sad about Evan starting her senior year last week. She is the Drama Club president this year, she's a TA and she has quite the load of classes to deal with. She remains upbeat and bright and happy. I just love her. I can't believe I'll be sending her off to college next year at this time...God willing.

We have a trip to Boston coming up to look at Emerson, Boston University and Harvard, among others. I am so impressed by her. We go in early October. Then she heads to New York at the end of October to look at NYU and other colleges with her step-mom, Claudia. God will grant me the way and the means to send her off to where she wishes to go. It will happen. It WILL. I just haven't quite figured it out yet. But, again, I will.

Oh, I'm working on a paint-by-numbers canvas of a Pekingese dog. I just started it yesterday and I'm already over it. Some of the little spots are so tiny, I can't even see a number with my granny glasses on. Here's where I stopped yesterday.

This is what it's supposed to look like when it's all done.

I have a feeling it's going to look like a hot mess when I'm finished with it.

See you later, Diary.

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