What's Your Price, Volume 2

This is one of our favorite games where Laura launches a scenario and we all have to give the lowest price we would do it for. Like, "What's your price to drink a cup of sweat from one of us on the show or what's your price to marry a complete stranger." Things get so funny when we play this game.

Erik's car drama has escalated...a lawyer has now come into play!

Are tacos truly sandwiches?

Laura's Portland trip to visit Charlie and his fiance was simply beautiful. And, it's Producer Bryan's 2nd Anniversary with the show! Thank you, Bryan, for all you do. Hopefully, we will see you at Viejas Casino on May 24th for the podcast party for Bryan and Laura, seeing as it's her actual birthday! George Michael Reborn is performing! DM us on IG @lauracainafterdark to see if we have any extra tix if you wanna come!

Thank you for watching. More shows coming at ya next week.

Love your podcast!

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