Laura feels guilty after receiving tons of compliments for a poem she performed in front of a crowd. That's because she didn't write it.

Laura also models her Cheapo Outfit of the Month (once called the 73 Dollar Outfit.) It's a complete head-to-toe look for less than a hundred bucks. Full details and links at

Regarding outfits, Laura struggles with what to wear as the Mother of the Groom to Charlie's wedding this month. Erik has a gross and annoying encounter with a little kid and some pudding.

A round of Rando News, gifts are exchanged, insults are hurled, laughter is plentiful and the Secret Sound is still unguessed. Listen now to see if you can figure out what it is. The winner gets $100 cash. Guess away in the comments below or on IG, TT, FB, or lauracainad@gmail.,com

Coming up soon...our Stand Up Comedy competition. Have a relaxing, happy Fourth of July weekend.

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