What a Weird Weekend

I don't even know where to start so I'll just let it flow. Let's see... if today is Monday then I've had a very strange almost 72 hours. It all started on Friday when I had to say goodbye to my sweet boy, Charlie. He's back in Eugene for good never to live at home again. Whaaaa (crying). It was so great having him home, tho. Pictures to follow. Now I am struggling with this: Should I rent out his room or not?

Several things pop into my head immediately when I think of some stranger living in his room:

A. Evan and I are very loud, often times very late into the night.

B. The bedroom in question is in between our bathroom and Evan's room. The guest bathroom is

downstairs. The renter would have to go downstairs in the middle of the night.

C. I will feel so weird hanging in my room while the renter is in their room. I'm kind of a weirdo.

I am afraid the person will want to move out.

D. Am I even allowed to rent out a room in a rental?

E. Did I mention that Evan and I are VERY LOUD?

Obviously, this would help me out financially. But is it worth 400 bucks, or whatever, to lose my privacy? Some of my friends are telling me to do it, some of my friends are telling me not to. A group message popped up on Facebook this weekend for someone looking for a room. I'm too scared to respond right now. Is this a sign? It's gotta be a sign.

So, Charlie left this on Friday and then I went to work. I was a little bummed out just wanting to go home after work when I get a text from my friend, Linda. She said "After work come meet us a Tio Leo's for dinner." I am not one to turn down a trip to Tio Leo's so I arrived around 8pm. Adrian and Linda were waiting for me in the bar area with a pile of food ready for me to eat.

I had the idea to do a Tio Leo''s photo shoot...a jumping shot of the three of us. I told you I'm a weirdo. I went up to a stranger who was sitting at the bar and asked him to take a burst shot of us jumping. The guy couldn't have been nicer. He was cute, too! His name was Javier. Here is one of the photos he took. haha


So, then comes Yolanda...Javier's ex-girlfriend-wife-baby-momma. I'm not quite sure. She was helping Javier celebrate his birthday.

Before you know it we are all crunched together in a booth yacking it up. Yolanda didn't speak any English. I kept hearing her say "Blanca, blanca" and pointing at me. She was laughing at how white I am! We had to compare our skin. I look freeking translucent.

White Skin

Scary, isn't it? We closed down the restaurant! Linda, Adrian and I weren't drinking but Javier and Yolanda sure were and they had enough for all of us. I felt like I was drunk! We ended up outside Tio Leo's doing another photo shoot because Erik just arrived!

Erik and Laura Jump

I say that the following picture is how I felt on Friday. Invisible. That's until I partied it up at the restaurant with my besties. Linda, Erik and Adrian make everything better.

Javier invited me to Rosarito. I told him that I'd get back to him. Probably not a good idea to go to a different country with a guy you just met.


Linda has been telling me that I need to focus my energy on what I want out of life, where I want to be and what I want to make. She wants me to throw it out into the universe. She says get ready because things will start coming my way. Well, dangit, I HAVE been doing that to no avail. I swear I have. Every single night I tell the universe what I want. So far....zilch. You know what I just realized? I haven't been to a meeting in a week and a half. No wonder I'm feeling a little off-kilter.

Saturday night I went out with my new friend Melissa. She is so cute and so nice and her life fascinates me. Again, a photo shoot moment. She took me out to dinner. How sweet is that?

Me and Melissa

Sunday I went with Erik and Adrian to see Good Boys. It was hilarious. NOT FOR KIDS or even TWEENS. It's super raunchy. Erik and I did a little podcast about it that I'm going to try to post for you.

Last night I fell asleep at 7pm, so I watched my favorite show 90-Day-Fiance today. It's just the best trash TV around. Seriously.

I may or may not see the 43-year-old tonight. I'm doing something that my mom told me not to do. I am the one who texts him before he texts me. She has always told me "If a guy wants to talk to you or see you HE will call you." I should listen to my Momma. I wouldn't feel the way I do if I did. That makes zero sense. I'm going to stop now. Here are some pics of Charlie's last day.

Bye Charlie
Last Pic with Charlie

Oh, before I go, here's my new favorite video and song.

See you later, Diary.

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