California Woman Stranded For 6 Days In Storm Survives On Yogurt and Snow

A woman survived for six days in her car after getting stuck in a remote are of Lassen County, California during a snow storm. She ate snow and rationed a 6-pack of yogurt that was in the car when it got stuck.

The woman, 52-year old Sheena Gullett, was driving with 48-year old Justin Lonich on dirt roads off Highway 44 on their way to Little Valley, California when the car got stuck in heavy snow. They spent the night in the car, but when morning came their battery was dead, so they decided to walk to the highway. The pair became separated when Sheena fell behind after the soles of her boots came off.

Justin tried to locate Sheena, but because of the heavy snowfall couldn't find her. He built campfires in the woods to stay warm and after 2 days he reached the highway where he hitched a ride to Susanville and reported that Sheena was missing to the Lassen County Sheriff's Office.

The Sheriff's department organized a search but had a difficult time pinpointing where to look because Justin wasn't familiar with the area. The U.S. Forest Service assisted the Sheriff's Department in conducting daily ground searches. One aerial search was made but "inclement weather" made it impossible to do more.

After six days, the vehicle was finally located by a sheriff's sergeant. An emotion Sheena, was transported the a nearby Ranger Station to be evaluated by medical personnel.

Sheena told officials that she rationed herself to one yogurt per day and ate snow because she didn't have water. She also said that she saw the search helicopter but they couldn't see her since the area was heavily wooded.

Amazingly, the snow pack that cause her vehicle to get stuck also saved Sheena's life since she wouldn't have survived without water for six days.

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