Woman Now Regrets Taking Photo Of Cosby Show Actor

Woman Now Regrets Taking Photo Of Cosby Show Actor

Karma Lawrence--the woman who took a picture of former Cosby Show star Geoffrey Owens as he checked her out at a Trader Joe's in New Jersey--now regrets it.  She says she didn't expect her post about Geoffrey on her personal social media account to be picked up by news sites & blogs & she didn't expect it to go viral.  In a new interview, she says:

“I don’t know why I snuck a picture.  I figured everybody does it.  I don’t know what possessed me.  I just did it.  I didn’t even think about it.  I just kind of did it on impulse and it was a bad impulse."

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The 50-year-old also says here intention wasn't to publicly shame Geoffrey for working at Trader Joe's:

“It wasn’t malicious. That’s on my kids, my grandkids, my parents.  I’m not that type of a person. I’m not the monster they’re making me out to be.”

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She also admits that she's considered reaching out to him to apologize:

"I would tell him, ‘I am extremely, extremely apologetic about what has happened.  And if I could take it back, I would.” 

Lawrence has had to shut down all her social media accounts because of the hate mail she's been receiving from this whole scandal.  In the end, she says she just feels terrible about it all.  She says she can't sleep & she can’t get over the fact that she could have unintentionally hurt a man she loved as a kid, since "The Cosby Show" was her favorite show.

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