Tyler Perry Surprises Ailing Woman With A New Home

Tyler Perry Surprises Ailing Woman With A New Home

Tyler Perry is making amazing news these days for so many reasons.  Just last month, Tyler hired former Cosby Show actor Geoffrey Owens after he was shamed for working at Trader Joe's.  Now we learn that Tyler has gifted a house to the mother of a woman he worked with nearly 20 years ago! 

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According to TMZ, Tyler dropped $350,000 on a home in Georgia and gave it to the ailing mother of LaShun Pace, who worked alongside Tyler on a play all the way back in 1999. Tyler and LaShun stayed in touch ever since they worked on a play Perry wrote and co-produced two decades ago.  So when Tyler learned that Bettie Pace had fallen ill and her dying wish was to own a home big enough for her large family, he stepped up and bought a property close to where the Paces were born and raised in Atlanta.

Blessings will continue to come Tyler Perry's way for all the of the wonderful things he does for others. Watch the touching video below, courtesy of TMZ.

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