Jesse and Tati's Computers 2 Kids

We are all finding our way when it comes to how kids are “going”to school these days. A majority of San Diego county is participating in distance learning. Imagine being a kiddo who’s family doesn’t have the means to provide them with the equipment to set them up for successful school year. In fact that’s happening to 1 out of 4 kids in our community. Not only are they falling behind but they are missing out on participating with their friends. 

That’s why 1 More Win and Better To Give are teaming up with Computers 2 Kids to provide laptops to underprivileged kids in our communities. Normally 1 More Win would help provide equipment to underserved athletic programs but as we know, high school sports aren’t happening which is why we are spreading out our usual fall donation around the community to help families here in San Diego County. 

Computers 2 Kids helps refurbish computers donated by companies and provide them to families at a discounted price of $100! Computers 2 Kids is constantly working to close the digital divide and Jesse and Tati are asking the Star Listening Family to help!

Special thanks for Jensen Meat who had sponsored our Computer 2 Kids program!

Let’s continue to set up San Diego students for a successful school year and in a way give them 1 More Win, because it’s always Better To Give! 

If your family could benefit from one of these laptops fill out the application below and let 1 More Win, Better To Give, and Computers 2 Kids help you!

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