Santa Monica College Gave Thanksgiving Groceries To Their Students In Need

Santa Monica College is amazing for this! The college hosted their 3rd annual Giving Thanks(giving) drive thru grocery event where hundreds of "food-insecure" students were able to get some groceries for the holiday.

“With food costs soaring by 11.4% in the past year, food insecurity among students here and across the country continues to rise, making it exceedingly difficult for these students to enjoy the big meal that most of take for granted,” Santa Monica College officials said in a news release.

Over 1,100 students were helped at the drive-thru event and students had the option to pick between a turkey or vegetarian protein along with vegetables, dinner rolls, non-alcoholic beverages and pumpkin pie. Those who went to the event were also handed recipes, online tutorials and a disposable turkey pan to help cook Thanksgiving dinner. This is truly such an amazing event SMC throws for their students in need and the school said that about half of their student body are food-insecure students. Click here for more.

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