11 Years Ago, We Found Out My Wife Had a Brain Tumor...

Haze and family 2018

11 years ago today our world changed when we found out that my wife Karon had a Brain Tumor

I remember it like it was yesterday. Karon had the headaches and double vision. She went in for the MRI on a Friday and over the weekend we got no results. We decided to go into the Dr. on Monday and as the assistant fumbled around with the all the faxes from the weekend, when she stopped and found ours, the look on her face said it all. 

Her next words “you have to wait for the doctor to come in for the results” still sit fresh in my mind. As we sat in front of some strange Doctor in a setting straight out of a 70’s movie (wood panels and old pictures) we found out that Karon had a Brain Tumor sitting against her optical nerve. 

After that visit, Karon and I were lead by GOD to some amazing doctors. Dr. Barba and Dr. Murphy. Here we are 11 years later and while Karon still lives with this tumor every day, it serves as a reminder of the amazing things GOD can do if you let him! She is about to get her Doctorate from SDSU, she teaches full time and is an amazing wife and mother. 11 years ago we hated this day, today we celebrate it!