Mom Thinks The Kiss In 'Sleeping Beauty' Is Wrong But Twitter Disagrees

Most fairy tales have a positive message to them, but sometimes there are other takeaways as well. 

The moral of Sleeping Beauty is that love is the most powerful force in the world, but there is another message in the story that has some parents thinking twice about reading it to their kids. 


If you aren't familiar with the tale, it's about a beautiful princess who is put under a sleeping spell and can only be woken by the kiss of a prince who is her true love. It's that very kiss that is now being scrutinized because it features a man putting his lips on an unconscious, and therefore non- consenting, woman. 

Could the story be inappropriate for young, impressionable minds?


The majority of tweets on the topic seem to be all for Sleeping Beauty, and many bashed anyone questioning the fairy tale.


What do you think?


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