Butterfly Ball for Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

Butterfly Ball at the Casino Royale

A child's access to medical care should not depend on the roll of a dice!Join us Saturday Nov 3rd at 6pm for a fun evening and let's make everyone a winner.

Fresh Start is a San Diego regional, nonprofit charity for children. Helping with deformities to transform their lives through long-term reconstructive surgery and ongoing care. As an organization that helps children, when we accept a patient, we make a commitment to maintaining a long-term medical relationship; for example, our average cleft lip and palate patient requires seven years of dental care and approximately 49 treatments to reach the best possible medical outcome.

Help raise funds for this amazing organization by attending their 2018 Butterfly Ball at the Casino Royale on Saturday, November 3rd at the Hyatt Regency in La Jolla.

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