Monday, October 29 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes Season 21! 

7:10 – Tommy and Sarah jump on to offer their help. This one is a close one going right down to the wire! Jesse and Delana both had some lucky guesses, but in the end Delana sealed the deal with her guess being closest to the tie breaker answer. Ladies take the win and the score to 16-11!

8:10 – Jesse’s comeback! Talk about an ugly loss for the ladies, they get sent home packing with the guys taking a decisive 2 points to 0 win over the ladies. This brings the score to 16-12 ladies still in the lead!

An awesome segment of “WTFlorida!?”

Break out your dance shoes because in Vero Beach Florida, a 24 year old and her friend were at the Total Wine & More store and started dancing in the aisles. Not only that, but they were recreating scenes from Dirty Dancing. The real trouble started happening when they were doing certain moves and started breaking glass and bottles. Police were called and they were arrested.

Good News

This morning, highlighted just how awesome of a guy Justin Timberlake is. Maddie Patrino went to his concert in New York with the hopes of getting a selfie with him to reveal her baby’s gender. JT took it to the next level and decided to stop his show to announce that Maddie was having a baby girl and celebrate with the entire crowd.  See the post below.

We also shined the spotlight on a Jeweler who replaced a stolen engagement ring. A couple in San Francisco was devastated to learn that the fiance’s ring was stolen at work, but the jeweler that they went to insisted on replacing the ring at no cost.

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