Help California Wildfire Victims

Numerous organizations are mobilized and assisting victims of the California wildfires and those fighting the fires. The best way to help is to donate funds to these organizations so that they can provide assistance how and where it's needed most.  

The fires continue to burn in three major areas of California, including Butte County, Los Angeles County, and Ventura County. The fires have taken dozens of lives, and left tens of thousands displaced from their homes and livelihoods.  The fires are now being called the deadliest in California history.  


The American Red Cross is on the ground, providing shelter, food and comfort for people forced to leave their homes with little notice. You can donate to their November 2018 Wildfires Relief efforts >>

Baby2Baby is getting infants and children the essentials items they needs like diapers, wipes, blankets and other basics.  You can donate by purchasing through their registry HERE >>

Global Giving works to get donated funds to location organizations that are best suited to drive relief and recovery.  Donate HERE >>  

GoFundMe has created lists of verified accounts accepting donations for a multitude of fire-relief efforts, including: general fire campaigns; agencies helping animals; agencies helping first responders; educators and schools impacted by the fires. Review the lists HERE >>

Google is channeling donations through the Center for Disaster Philanthropy HERE >>

The Salvation Army is working in conjunction with government and other non-profit agencies to provide food, water and other essential needs to wildfire victims, and first responders. They ensure that the most vulnerable members of our community including the elderly, those with disabilities, and families with children, receive shelter, food, and assistance with rebuilding their lives.  Donations are being accepted HERE >>


If you would like to volunteer your time, more information can be found here:

Woolsey and Hill Fires:  Volunteer applications are being accepted by the United Way of Ventura and the American Red Cross.

Camp Fire:  Volunteer applications are being processed through Caring Choices.

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Support California Fire Fighters Battling Deadly Wildfires - Thumbnail Image

Support California Fire Fighters Battling Deadly Wildfires

California Wildfire Current Information Websites - November 2018 - Thumbnail Image

California Wildfire Current Information Websites - November 2018

Help Animals Affected By California Wildfires - Thumbnail Image

Help Animals Affected By California Wildfires

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