Tuesday, November 27 on Jesse Lozano in the Morning

Clash of the Chromosomes:

Hailee and Brian join us to battle for superiority. This one goes to the tie breaker, with Hailee and Brian both getting one question right. But Brian NAILS the tie breaker by guessing the number right on the nose. Guys up 6-5!

Luther and Yaya jump on the line to compete. Luther takes the round, 2 questions correct to Yaya’s one. Fellas up 7-5!

Good News: 

State trooper Sgt Brian Maynard pulled over a vehicle doing 85 in a 60. What he found next set him into action to help, instead of write a ticket. He discovered a woman in labor being sped to the hospital by her husband to hopefully deliver there. But time was against them and Sgt Maynard stepped up to the occasion and helped deliver a healthy and happy baby girl.

Little Tommy in here to read the letter of the recipient we’ve chosen to help for “Little Tommy’s Breaking and Entering Christmas”. Get your Kleenex ready.

Join us at Vons on Murphy Canyon next Wednesday (12/5) to donate to the San Diego Food Bank. Stop by and donate $5 for a hunger bag, or bring your own non-perishable food items to donate and help the community!

Other stuff:

FOMO Joe’s house sitting debacle while he stayed at Jesse's. He came clean on the 2 things that went amiss while he was there, but Jesse lets him in on a third that he didn’t even know about.

Jesse and Delana discuss why Jesse is NOT part of the 70% of couples who “get it on” on Christmas Day.

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